Creative Gallery – Palais de tokyo

Apparition is a moving-image installation by Collectif Inoui, first shown at the Creative Gallery exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, which marked the introduction of Windows 8 last month, Microsoft’s new system. Apparition takes cues from “Cadavre exquis” — known in english as “Exquisite corpse” — a collaborative creative practice that traces its roots to the Parisian Surrealist Movement.

The ever-changing artwork is an interactive projection, consisting of a combination of graphic elements onto a white canvas which is encased in a contemporary rococo gilt frame. The visitor interacts with the piece by manipulating the tablet, and new artworks are generated from an infinite number of combinations of elements, and projected onto the canvas.

Apparition’s handmade and precious feeling highlights the contrast of its organic surrealist nature against the more industrial, almost sterile architectural setting of the gallery. This also works as an allegory of art as a craft in the computer age, playing with the widespread preconception that PC-generated art is cold and generic.
Apparition sees the immaterial come to life on the tangibility of a white canvas.